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Your Ultimate Property Purchase Checklist

When diving into the world of property buying, being prepared is key.

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Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to expand your investment portfolio, having a comprehensive checklist ensures you cover all bases. At Amato Property, we’re dedicated to making your property journey smooth and successful. Here’s a detailed purchase checklist to guide you through this significant venture.

General Information

  • Maximum Purchase Price: Determine your maximum purchase price after all costs. This includes taxes, legal fees, and other miscellaneous expenses.
  • Mortgage Broker/Banker Details: Have the contact information of your mortgage broker or banker handy.
  • Pre-Approval Status: Ensure your finances are pre-approved and note the expiry date of your pre-approval.
  • Deposit Access: Confirm access to your 10% deposit.
  • Lawyer/Conveyancer Details: Keep the contact details of your lawyer or conveyancer available

Personal Priorities

What’s the most important thing about this purchase to you?

Understanding your core priorities helps in making a decision that aligns with your long-term goals.

Renovation readiness

Are you prepared to renovate?

Define the extent of renovations you’re willing to undertake:

  • Spruce Up: New kitchen, bathroom, window coverings, lights, floor, and paint.
  • Renovation: Structural changes like knocking down walls.


  • Time and Money Willing to Spend: How much time and money are you prepared to invest?
  • Actual Time and Money Required: Research thoroughly and ask questions to get accurate estimates.

Long Term Plans

How long are you planning on holding the property?

Reflect on your long-term plans:

  • Have you missed out on properties you liked? List the addresses and sold prices.

Desired Vibe and Amenities

  • Preferred Vibe: Family, urban, rural?
  • Noise Tolerance: How much noise are you comfortable with?
  • Proximity to Public Transport: Is access to public transport essential?
  • Nearby Amenities: Cafes, schools, parks?
  • Distance Requirements: Any specific distance from key locations?

Remember, this may be a stepping stone to your ideal property. Be realistic with your budget and focus on your long-term goals.

Strata Considerations

  • Max Strata Fees: What’s your maximum budget for strata fees?
  • Complex Size: Are you comfortable with a large complex?
  • Strata Report: Commission and read a strata report before purchasing a unit to understand the management and financial health of the property.
  • Renovation Permissions: Will the body corporate/strata committee allow you to renovate?

Torrens Title / Land House Preferences

  • House Style: Contemporary or period?
  • Attachment: Attached or detached?
  • Land Size and Aspect: Preferred land size and aspect.
  • Neighbours: Preferences regarding proximity to neighbours.
  • Room Requirements: Separate dining room, family room, study?
  • Flooring and Windows: Preference for floor types (boards, carpets, tiles) and window treatments (curtains, blinds, shutters).
  • Overall Style: Sleek, industrial, period, etc.
  • High Ceilings: Do you prefer high ceilings?

Final Thoughts

Purchasing property is exciting yet challenging. Whether you’re buying your first home, investing, or seeking your dream house, our comprehensive checklist will guide you through every step.

By focusing on your priorities, understanding your renovation readiness, and planning for the long term, you can navigate the property market with confidence. Remember, this purchase might be a stepping stone toward your ultimate property goals, so stay realistic with your budget and keep your eyes on your long-term vision.

At Amato Property, we appreciate the unique charm of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. Newcastle offers vibrant city life and stunning coastline, while Lake Macquarie provides serene waterside living. These regions are perfect for families, professionals, and retirees alike.

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Property Spotlight!

6 Ross Street Belmont NSW 2281

Waterfront bliss at 6 Ross Street, Belmont, where luxury meets breathtaking lake views in a meticulously crafted home.

Open-plan living, 4 spacious bedrooms, and dual waterfront-facing entertainment areas, offering an unparalleled lifestyle in the vibrant Belmont community.

Price Guide: $3,400,000 – $3,700,000



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Amato Property, together with their directors, officers, employees and agents have used their best endeavours to ensure the information passed on in this document is accurate. However, you must make your own enquiries in relation to the information contained in this document and seek advice from your financial advisor, broker or accountant to ascertain its application to your circumstances.

Tony Amato

Tony purchased his first investment property in the early 90's in an inner city suburb of Sydney. He enjoyed a successful career in sales and marketing within the pharmaceutical industry where he was able to grow as a communicator and negotiator. His passion for property is matched by his wife, Sarah's, and together they have spent the last two decades buying, renovating and selling properties. His passion for property and serving others culminated in the founding of Amato Property, a buyers agency that treats its clients like family. With a history in real estate, sales, negotiating and small business, Tony has been able to apply his experience to deliver a truly unique buyers experience.

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